Sunday, March 3, 2013

Does World 2 require World 1 (does mystical experience rest on ordinary life?)

Robert Segal and most other writers on religion these days claim that the experience of God (what is later said to have been "God") requires first the concept of "God" in some way. One cannot have an experience that is not prepared and framed by a concept that understands it.

I would agree but counter that mystical (what I call World 2) experience explodes the concept even though it begins with it. For instance, in my own life circa 1966 realizing the truth of "emptiness," while this was indeed a concept, led to and was fulfilled by the explosion into emptiness that it (does not) name (s). That is the whole paradox of World 3, that it is and is not part of World 1 (ordinary reality). "Emptiness" is a necessary but not sufficient condition for emptiness. Emptiness expresses its appreciation of "emptiness" by shattering it.

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